Wheels Manufacturing BB386 Evo to Shimano Shims

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  • Run Shimano HollowTech-II cranks in your 386EVO frame
  • Shims are based on industry standard 386EVO bottom bracket shells
  • 386EVO is a 22 mm-wider version of PressFit 30, using the same cups, straight 46 mm bore and 30 mm spindle diameter but in an 86.5 mm-wide shell
  • Easy to install and machined for exact fit
  • Shims press fit directly into 386EVO bearings (6806 30 mm ID bearings)
  • You will need the 386EVO bearings already installed into the 386EVO shell to start this conversion
  • Removal is the opposite of installation
  • You may need to gently tap them out from the opposite side