Vittoria Mastik Pro Tub Glue

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Mastik Pro is the latest and best development in tubular glue to date. It addresses all known challenges for gluing your tubulars. With its quick and easy application, it is possible to glue two tires in under an hour. Mastik Pro cleans easily with water, making mess on your hands and equipment a challenge of the past. It also has a much increased resistance to high temperatures, contributing strongly to much higher safety especially for long descents.

The new Mastik Pro is non-flammable, so it can be carried everywhere regardless of the mode of transport. Glued tubulars are rideable in 24 hours and the packaging is especially designed to use two satchels per wheel.

4 x 17ml tubes within the packet

Benefits of Mastik Pro:

• Quick and easy Application with 24hr dry time.
• High Temperature Resistance: Mastik Pro has been specially developed to withstand temperatures well over 120 degrees Celsius.
• Non Flammable: Now you can take Mastik Pro anywhere with you when you travel to events, via air or road, Mastik pro can be shipped or carried easily.
• Easy Clean Up: Mastik Pro cleans up with water. No more mess on your hands or on your rims.
• Dries to a Clear Finish: You have no unsightly glue stuck to your tires or your high end rims.
• Carbon or Alloy: Mastik Pro Can be used on either carbon or alloy rims.
• Clear Instructions: Takes the mystery out of tubular installation.
• Mastik Pro: Will glue 2 x 700c, 29er, 26”and Cyclo Cross rim
• Mastik Pro: Designed to work especially well when using Vittoria’s “Perfect Match” tubular wheel and tire system.
• Vittoria’s Graphene Technology: Used in Vittoria’s carbon wheels also reduces rim heat build making the combination of a Vittoria carbon rim and Mastik Pro the best option for safe riding in all conditions.

Customer Reviews

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Terrible product

This glue is supposed to be water soluble, it is not, water wont clean your hands or get the stuff of your rim or tub, it does self centre but thats it. i will use Mastik One as i ve always done.

Lives up to its name!

Have used this product twice and still can't belive how simple it is to use. The traditional method is a stressful PIA in comparison. The mastic allows the tube to be slid into the correct position and delivers concentric even fitment on every occasion.

So much easier than glue

Used Magic Mastik for the first time on a new 88mm Wheelset..followed the simple instructions, just keyed & cleaned the rim with acetone then applied using the nozzle on the tube...the mastik came out lovely & uniform and was the perfect amount for each rim...pulled on the pre-strteched tub and rode the next day!! all good so far, product worked exactly as described..