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Vittoria Latex Inner Tube

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The Vittoria Latex road inner tube is a must have cycling essential for 700c bike wheels if you like watching your bike weight. Latex tubes will require pumping up more often as due to the material used in construction, air seeps out slowly over time.


Vittoria Ultralite Latex Tube with Removable Valve is a high quality tube that gives you the best performance and offers you better protection against pinch flats.

It is not just a featherweight tube it is also very durable.

Super lightweight this latex inner tube weighs just 75g (19-24).


  • Perfect for timetrials, road races, sportives and triathlons.
  • Durable, lightweight natural latex construction
  • Available for 19-24mm or 25-28mm tyres
  • Valve length: 51mm
  • Weight: 75g (19-24) 81g (25-28c)


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