SIX2 TS1L Base Layer Black

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Short-sleeve round neck SuperLight Carbon Underwear designed for the hot season, when suffocating heat and humidity give no respite. In these conditions a garment is required that allows the athlete to retain the right body temperature by taking sweat (and heat along with it) to the outside without absorbing it. Unlike the sleeveless jersey, the sleeve hugs the upper part of the arm (armpit) which is subject to copious perspiration, to keep the skin dry and to ensure a sensation of freshness on the skin provided by our SuperLight Carbon Underwear® fabric (36% lighter than Carbon Underwear®).

Key Features:

  • SuperLight Carbon Underwear®
  • Seamless Technology
  • Antistatic system
  • Suitable for a range of sports

SIX2 Clothing is design to fit onto you skin tight. The size will varies on your body contour. 

Sizing for Baselayer

-It is recommended to fit tight to your skin. When you choose your size, please keep in mind that it will fit tighter the first time. Feel a bit uncomfortable, but this is normal. If the baselayer is too loose, it will not perform as well.