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4700 Tiagra 10-speed road STI levers SET for double


  • Easy operation design lever - compact lever bracket hood is made from soft rubber and anatomically shaped to allow easy braking and shifting regardless of hand position
  • Arced travel on the shift lever always keeps the lever in reach when sweeping shifts across the cassette
  • 10-speed precision road shifting
  • Adjustable reach main lever via a shim system and light-action release lever assure easy gear shifting and braking
  • Super SLR brake levers for use with Super SLR brake callipers
  • Optical gear display incorporated into the top of the shift lever instantly shows you what gear you're in
  • Integrated cable adjusters
  • Precision shifting courtesy of Shimano indexing system
  • For use with double gear systems

Customer Reviews

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Tiagra 4700 10 Speed STI Shifters

Arrived promptly, faultless service.
Be aware these Tiagra 4700 shifters only work with Tiagra 4700 front and rear mechs.
I knew this and was prepared to purchase additional parts if required - at this level it wouldn't break the bank.
Now my previous set up was Campag Centaur 10 speed shifters/front mech/rear mech but the front shifter was 'troublesome', something to do with the non linear spacing between sprockets on Campag cassettes perhaps.
Never the less I fitted these Tiagra levers and just for interest after a bit of tweaking found I could get the rear mech to shift adequately, in fact much better than the original Centaur set up but not as crisp as say a 105 or Ultegra set up.
The front Centaur mech wouldn't move sufficiently, the pull ratio must be vastly different.
So, do I need a Tiagra 4700 front mech?
Well fortunately I'd just bought a NOS Dura Ace 7800 front mech for an older bike so fitted this and once again after a bit of tweaking found it worked perfectly well.
Unfortunately it won't be staying on this, my winter bike so will be swapped for another Shimano front mech (a Sora or 105) but barring Tiagra 4700, through research it is generally considered that virtually all 8 speed onwards, Shimano, mechanical derailleurs share the same pull ratios. (Older Shimano compatibility tables back this up too).
Anyway, the bottom line is, Tiagra 4700 can work more than adequately with other brands and/or other Shimano models. So if initially you only need to replace one component and Tiagra 4700 is what you're looking at, then you may strike lucky, otherwise be prepared to replace other parts. Good luck.

Great seller

It was well packaged and delivery was just on time.