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Science in Sport GO Energy Sports Fuel 1.6kg Tub

  • Fuel up, energize and improve your performance with Go Energy formerly PSP22.
  • Ideal for long workouts, carbo-loading or when you need that extra boost, Go energy is very versatile and can be used at high concentrations to give you the ultimate energy drink.
  • GO energy should be your choice for a fast and sustained energy boost. Versatile enough for use before, during or after exercise.High grade maltodextrin provides glucose polymers which keep the energy high and the osmolality low - putting less pressure on the stomach.
  • Fructose helps maximise energy delivery as it is absorbed using a different mechanism than glucose.
  • Only natural flavours are used which give a clean refreshing taste.Use before as an easy way to take on board low bulk carbohydrate for carbo-loading and boosting the carbohydrate in pre-exercise meals, use during as a power packed drink during exercise to energize your performance or use after exercise to re-fuel hungry muscles.
  • Go energy utilises multiple energy sources to maximize energy supply to muscle and liver, and is light on the stomach so can be taken at high concentrations for maximum energy.
  • Available in Orange, Lemon and Blackcurrant flavour, or non-flavoured Original. 
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