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Pro Vibe Alloy compact handlebar 31.8 mm, Di2 compatible

  • Lightweight and strong 6066 aluminium road racing drop handlebar, for oversized 31.8 mm clamp diameter
  • 6066 aluminium is a high strength aluminium alloy commonly used in the aircraft industry making it the ideal choice to produce this lightweight, strong and rigid handlebar
  • Oversized 31.8 mm clamp diameter reduces unwanted flex under high load by increasing strength and rigidity
  • For further rigidity the 31.8 mm diameter is carried across the top of the bar, keeping the strength where it is needed and reducing the wall thickness where vital grams can be saved
  • Internal cable routing options for Di2 cables
  • Dual recessed groove cable routing
  • Weight from 245 grams

Customer Reviews

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Decent handlebars but holes aren't very well positioned

I got these bars as I was upgrading to R8070 di2 with the end plug junction box. However, the holes aren't located in the best positions. The shifter cable holes are located on the flat section of the drops, near the ends. As I understand it, they can't be on the curve due to potentially weakening the alloy. But means having to run the cable up the bars to the shifters.
The hole on the top (to ultimately connect to Junction box B) is in the centre, meaning without a compatible stem, you can't get the cable out, because the bars sit flush. So, without a di2 stem you can't get the connector out to feed in to the frame.
Without drilling your holes in your alloy bars though, this does still work for di2 setup using the bar end plug and leaves it neat & tidy. You just have to still run a cable from a shifter to Junction box B.
Probably not worth it for the old style Junction box A.
Also, the positioning and feel of the bars is very nice. Doesn't feel any different to my old Deda compact bars.