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OTE Pre-Workout Enhancer 14 X 33G

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New apple and blackcurrant  OTE Pre Workout Enhancer is low in carbohydrate; undertaking fasted training or exercise in a low carbohydrate state has been shown to promote fat oxidation hence its popularity in recent years.  Beta-Alanine has been included to help increase muscle carnosine which in turn acts as a buffer for intense training. Increasing carnosine may delay fatigue when running or riding for example, or translate into lifting more weights and increasing total work output. Caffeine acts as a central stimulant and helps to mobilise fatty acids and calcium for muscle contraction.



    Developed to support fasted or low carbohydrate training.

    • Highly functional

    • 20g of Whey Protein to reduce muscle damage

    • 50mg of Caffeine

    • Promotes fat oxidation

    • 2g of Beta-Alanine to help buffer intense training

    • 5g of L-Glutamine to help strengthen the gut

    • Naturally Flavoured and Great tasting

    • Free from artificial sweeteners, colours and preservatives


    OTE Pre-Workout Performance Enhancer contains many active ingredients that are beneficial to people

    undertaking intense anaerobic exercise or low carbohydrate endurance training, also ideal for strength training.


    Allergens: Formulation contains milk and products thereof (including lactose)

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