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MUHDO Human DNA Sports Profiling Kit

Recommended by elite athletes

Muhdo is used and trusted by Eddie Hall, the world’s strongest man, Sam Quek MBE, Olympic Gold medal GB hockey player and Joey Walker of Team Wiggins professional cycling.

Health and fitness partner.

Muhdo’s ground breaking new health dashboard is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and can switch between health and fitness goals in an instant.  So, if you’ve been using Muhdo to lose weight and decide you want to change your goal, Muhdo will recalibrate your health plan instantly.

Our dashboard is packed with a vast library of free recipes, workouts, nutrition and recovery advice so Muhdo is a constant source inspiration.

Support 24/7 with no hidden charges.

The Muhdo team of experts is on-hand to give advice, support and inspiration throughout your health journey at no extra charge.

Which means with Muhdo you can achieve health and fitness goals sustainably for less than the cost of the average gym membership.

Buy a profiling kit and we will send it to you the next day. The kit includes a simple, painless saliva swab you take at home – by rubbing the swab inside your mouth for 30 seconds, we can collect the necessary sample to analyse your DNA. Simply return your DNA sample in the pre-paid envelope directly to our laboratory.

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Four weeks later results are delivered to you in the form of a free digital health dashboard that you can access via mobile, tablet and laptop. The dashboard is powered by your own genetic make-up and includes a highly personalised health and fitness plan.

Based on your DNA profile, MUHDO will recommend adjustments to your lifestyle that will transform and improve your health and unlock your genetic gifts, including how to:

Diet – Discover your macronutrient response to certain food types to identify how to lose weight sustainably
Micronutrients & Supplements – Identify and compliment your diet with vitamins and minerals to optimise your cellular function
Flexibility & Injury – Learn to reduce soft tissue injury following exercise and increase suppleness
Power & Speed – Understand your genetics to help you increase your power, speed and stability
Endurance & VO2 max – Uncover and improve your performance and stamina over longer distance
Bone Density & Hypertrophy – Determine your inherent bone and muscle strength
Recovery – Ascertain how to efficiently recover from lactate build-up after exercise and training
Psychology – Understand your body's response (COMT) to stress and exercise and how this can be effectively handled


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