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Muc-Off Polish Uberwax 70g

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Muc-Off Uber Wax is formulated with an extremely high concentration of pure North Brazilian Carnauba, natural oils and the finest blend of luxury ingredients. Uber Wax is Muc-Off's most technically advanced wax to date. It creates an incredible hydrophobic finish that is exceptionally resistant to road salts, harmful UV rays, acid rain and industrial fallout. We think that every bike is an investment worth protecting and Muc-Off Uber Wax does just that. The products high concentration of Carnauba wax acts as a barrier between your bikes frame and the elements. Despite this high concentration of Carnauba, our Uber Wax is super simple to apply and almost as effortless to buff away. As our luxury Wax doesn't contain any abrasives, it's suitable on all paint types, metals, colours and carbon fibre. The only thing you need to be prepared for when using Muc-Off Uber Wax, is a show winning shine and aerodynamic efficient protection for your frame.

  • Carbon Fibre SafeOur formula is Carbon Fibre safe!
  • CarnaubaOur formula contains Carnauba wax, the hardest naturally occurring wax known to man.
  • Water BeadingOur formula creates an unbelievable water beading finish
  • 70g
  • Formulated with Brazilian Carnuaba for durability & protection
  • Creates hydrophobic finish for unbelievable water beading
  • Resistant industrial fallout, acid rain, road salts and grit
  • Safe on all colours, paint types, metal and carbon fibre
  • Free from abrasives
  • Easy application
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