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Muc-Off Drive Chain Cleaner 500ml

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Got a dirty chain Finally, A chain cleaner in a pourable bottle.

The Muc-Off Drivetrain Cleaner is the complete drivechain cleaning solution! Pour into a chain cleaning device or apply directly to the chain rings, rear cassettes and deralieurs to clean the entire drivetrain within seconds!

Its also biodegradable and safe on metal, plastic, rubber and seals. Try using it with the Muc-Off X-1 Chain Cleaning Device to provide the deepest clean on even the dirtiest chains!

All over chain cleaner that cuts through dirt and grime with ease.
Spray on, agitate and rinse off!
Fully biodegradable, alkaline based.
Safe on carbon fibre, paintwork, anodising, aluminium, titanium, rubber, plastic, seals and disc brake pads

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