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Muc-Off C3 Dry Lube 120ml & FREE C3 Wet Lube 120ml

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In this great value pack you get the 2 lubes listed below

In effect for the cost of 1 lube you get 2

  C3 Dry Lube 120ml

  • Provides total corrosion protection
  • Performs in dry, dusty & damp conditions
  • Perfect for pros or amateurs
  • Biodegradable, petroleum free formula
  • 120ml

C3 Wet Lube 120ml  FREE!!!!

  • Creates a ceramic coating for durability
  • Long distance performing
  • Provides ultra low friction for drive chain efficiency
  • Contains Boron Nitride and Fluoropolymers
  • Waterproof qualitites excelling in wet conditions
  • Comfort bottle with pipette system for ease of use
  • 95% biodegradeable
  • Ideal for road, cyclocross & MTB
  • 120ml


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