Miche Race AXY Wide Profile Wheels

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For 2017 the Race wheel program has expanded to meet even more intended uses. This starts from the very beginning when deciding what materials to build the wheels from. The wheels needed to expand on the characteristics of what made the Race program so popular in the first place. They needed to be comfortable even under intense use.

The light alloy, medium profile rims provide the aerodynamics necessary to be used in races. The light alloy hubs use sealed bearings to ensure reliability and excellent smoothness in any condition. The new rim profil ensures high end rigiditiy and reactivity.

Hub Specs:

  • Axle: Steel
  • Front & rear Body: AL 6061 T6
  • Bearings: Miche
  • Freewheel body: AL 7075 T6
  • Compatibility: Campganolo, Shimano, Sram: 11x,10x,9x,

Rim Specs

  • Material: Lightweight alloy
  • Braking Surface: Aluminium CNC
  • Front Rim Height: 26mm
  • Rear Rim Height: 30mm
  • Rim Width: 22mm