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Lizard Skins DSP 3.2mm Handlebar Tape


Over the years,  Lizard Skins has continually met the demands for something a little bit thicker. First it was with the 2.5mm bar tape and now it's the  DSP 3.2mm Bar Tape. If you're like us, and you need to cushion the pain of cobbled streets and country roads, wrap your bars with a Roubaix-tested tape like the DSP 3.2mm.

We understand if you're concerned that 3.2mm of padding may put too much squish under your hands. We, and Vacansoleil-DCM, can assure you that it doesn't. Instead of creating a foam-like volume, Lizard Skins opted to add density. This gives your bars the feeling of comfort and normalcy -- not bulk. And believe us, while we love the high-volume, shellacked look of cork tape just as much as you, the durability and vibration-absorption make the DSP 3.2mm our obvious choice between the two.

In addition to more density, the DSP 3.2mm tape has been given a textured surface. The cross-crossed pattern resembles the tread of an all-weather road tire, and it provides a similar effect. Whether you're riding with or without gloves, or in wet or hot weather, your hands have more traction on the shoulders and drops with DSP 3.2mm.

Each roll of tape is 82 inches long. So, you'll be able to wrap your bars thick without having to over pull and stretch the tape. In fact, Lizard Skins is keen to caution you against doing just that. When applying, be firm in pressing the tape into place, spacing it evenly. And unless you want to decrease the durability for some odd reason, don't pull it too tightly in the wrap.

The  Lizard Skins DSP 3.2mm Bar Tape is available in the colors Black, Blue, Grey, Red, and White. Each package includes two rolls of tape, two bar-end plugs, and two finishing strips.