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Jetblack Z2 Pro Fluid Trainer

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The JetBlack Z2 Fluid Trainer is a high quality, smooth and quiet  trainer that provides a more realistic ride experience  . The proprietary fluid in the JetBlack Z2 Fluid increases resistance exponentially up to 900 watts. The faster you  cycle the harder it gets!

JetBlack  Z2 Fluid Trainer includes the following

  • Free Lite Training App with coaching features for iOS or Android
  • Train with virtual power, heart rate, speed and cadence, with optional accessories.
  • Ready to ride, right out of the box
  • Lifetime warranty included


Get the most out of each and every ride with JetBlacks Z2 Fluid Trainer. The Z2 design offers a wide range of resistance, allowing you to tune your session by adjusting your gears the same as you would on the road. The Z2 is the best value trainer regardless of whether you're spinning out a recovery ride or undertaking an intense threshold workout.

All JetBlack trainers come with a Life Time Warranty

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