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High5 Zero

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  • ZERO is the new SUGAR FREE electrolyte drink from High5; its virtually calorie free  and has a light refreshing taste.
  • ZERO is naturally free from preservatives, allergens, artificial colours and flavours*.
  • Researchers have also found that simply drinking ZERO instead of a normal carbohydrate sport drink 22 participants burned on average 41% more fat during exercise. Independently tested; Faculty of Biomedical and Life Sciences, University of Glasgow.
  • ZERO is easy to use, drop a tablet in your bottle and it quickly dissolves in water to give you a delicious, refreshing, advanced electrolyte drink with added magnesium.
  • The small recyclable tube contains 20 tablets and makes 15 litres of drink in your own reusable sports bottle, which means optimal hydration with less waste so its good for the environment too