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High5 IsoGel Mixed Flavour - (25 x 60g)

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IsoGel: Ready to use energy gel. No need to drink additional water. Real juice flavours for a light refreshing taste.

IsoGel is a great tasting sports fuel for a burst of instant energy. It has a lighter drink-like consistency for easy consumption and absorption. The classic sachet with a rip-off top makes it ideal on the move for cyclists and runners alike.

- Carbohydrates for instant energy
- Great tasting fruit flavours
- Isotonic formula for quick absorption without dehydration
- Light drink-like consistency

Nutritional Details
- Natural Flavours: Real Juice
- Preservatives: Yes
- No Artificial colours and sweeteners
- Suitable for Lacto Vegitarians and Strict Vegitarians
- Suitable for Dietary

Box may Contain Caffeine Gels