Finish Line Super Bike Wash Concentrate

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Super Bike Wash Concentrate

- One bottle can be diluted down to make 4 litres of normal strength Super Bike Wash

- Quickly cleans mud, dirt, and road grime off your bike with little or no scrubbing

- Formula contains five different bike-cleaning solvents for high speed cleaning performance

- Specialist cleaning agents tackle hydrocarbons, organic compounds, and surface tension films

- Rust and oxidation inhibitors prevent parts corroding or rusting after cleaning

- Anti-static agent helps to prevent dirt adhesion, and provides a short term shine

- Use the spray if you use your bike in muddy / grimy areas as it has a deep penetration of contaminants

- Safe for all areas of the bike, including aluminium and carbon fibre - and can be used on motorbikes, boats and more!

-Environmentally safe biodegradable formula does not contain detergents, phosphates, benzene or chlorinated solvents