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Continental Grand PrIx Force II/Attack II Tyre Set

Continental Grand PrIx Force II/Attack II Tyre Set (folding)

Based on the famous GP4000S, with small tweaks to benefit road racers.

With an advanced BlackChili compound and reduced weight, Conti's Vectran and Black Chili technologies have been radically applied to this uncompromising race tyre set, specifically developed for the front and rear wheels of race bikes. The GP Attack benefits from its special Black Chili version that gives the streamlined 22mm front tyre more grip with lower rolling resistance, compared to the previous GP Attack tyre.

The GP Force is a powerful rear wheel specialist and with its 24mm section combined with a fast Black Chili compound, it gives excellent traction and road handling thats second to none.

Both tyres are made with Vectran puncture protection, a protective belt of super strong and extremely lightweight material beneath the bead. Wear levels can be easily monitored via indicators in the tread, details that show professionala are at work!