Continental GP5000 Folding Tyre with Inner Tubes pair

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A pair of Continental GP5000 tyres with Continental Race inner tubes.

All new tyre offers improvements in cornering grip, long-term durability, ride quality & puncture protection

Black Chili Rubber: remixed for improved rolling resistance and better mileage, while also maintaining grip
Laser etched mold has created a tire with a more porous texture for greater cornering grip
Lazer Grip: Tread areas passed over with a powerful laser, roughing up the surface of the tyre, for improved grip
Active Comfort Casing: Elastomeric layer provides Increased stiffness and damping characteristic in the sidewall allows lower tyre pressure and greater cornering
Casing: 3-layer/330 TPI
12% lower rolling Resistance
20% more puncture resistance
10% lighter (25c.)
Weight: 215g. (25c)

Comes with Continental inner tubes choose 42mm or 60mm presta valves 


28mm tyres come with Continental Race wide tubes