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The unique Challenge seamless latex inner tube saves more than 3 watts per wheel over a butyl inner tube according to German, Finnish, Belgian, Dutch, UK and American testing.! The lighter, softer, more supple tube reduces rolling resistance and improves comfort, traction and cornering. Puncture protection is also greatly improved as latex extends and expands 7 to 8 times its original size, whereas butyl only about 1.5x meaning that latex is much, much more flexible and not immediately prone to punctures. Unlike the stiffer butyl, latex will first expand and wrap itself all around a protruding object and often isn’t successful puncturing through even after working itself all the way in the tyre.
The best performance and comfort combination is the latex inner tube with a handmade clincher, although the latex tube can also improve the ride of any other type of clincher.
Replacing the standard butyl inner tubes (even superlight ones) with the Challenge seamless latex inner tube is by far the most affordable way of improving the performance and overall feel of your bike!”


Use: Handmade Clincher Tyres
Valve: Presta Removable Core
Valve length: 47,5 mm
Size: 622 / 700

29 - 38mm

Tyre Width: 29mm - 38mm
Weight: 75 g

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Good-value Latex Tubes

These are tubes of generous size, yet they are very light (mine were about 65g). They are about 2 cm short, so first-time fitting is difficult.
As a personal challenge I tried fitting one in a 25mm tyre, and it's worked fine. Generally with latex tubes I think it's a good idea to inflate them for the first time to 50 or 60 psi, fully deflate them and then reinflate to no more that 60 psi, then inflating to the full specified pressure just before first use on the road/track.