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Campagnolo Bora Ultra 35 Dark Label Clincher Wheelset BF

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The Bora Ultra 35 met great request from nairo Quintana and the other champions using Campagnolo®, accompanying them on all their successes, from the Tour 2013 onwards.  
In line with continual evolution of its products, for 2015 Campagnolo® launches the new clincher for the 35 mm wheel, maintaining the versatility of a wheel that brings results on any terrain and in any weather, and adding the advantages of the new generation.  

Thanks to the wide, aerodynamic profle, the differentiated diameter of the hubs and CUlT bearings, every user will be able to race with the performance of champions and brake in total safety, in any conditions, thanks to 3Diamant technology on the braking track.

  • Available in Dark Label

  • Weight: 1370g(Pr)