Campagnolo Bora 45 WTO 2-Way Fit Clincher Wheelset


The Bora wheelset has been pushing the limits of long lasting, reliable and race-winning performance since its introduction in 1998. Through its long and prestigious history the Bora has evolved and continued its trend of not only winning races but by offering, with each new model solutions and technologies that not only improve the cycling experience but raise the standard for performance road-racing wheelsets in general. Bora has become the gold standard in carbon racing wheel solutions for many reasons ranging from reactivity, handling and featherweight yet reliable construction.

The Bora WTO project took this portion of the wheel’s DNA as a central design focus and the Campy Tech Lab dedicated its energies towards pushing the limits of aerodynamic efficiency even further.

The Bora WTO Wheels are also 2-Way fit allowing you to run Tubeless tyres for ultimate speed.


  • Extremely Aerodynamic rim: 26.5mm wide
  • Wind Tunnel Optimised (WTO) for real world conditions, to be extremely efficient to the point that it not only reduces drag, but at certain angles is capable of reducing it to the point of negative drag
  • 100% high Modulus Carbon fibre rim construction: the unique, handmade construction allows Campagnolo® staff to orient each and every fibre in accordance to a specific design. Every single fibre from the inner most layers to the unidirectional fibres used for the external application are high modulus and oriented in a way to ensure professional level ride quality.
  • Optimised rim construction for optimum performance: The lightweight yet extremely reliable performance of the Bora™ WTO wheels comes about thanks to the placement of extra carbon fibre only in areas where integrity and performance could be improved, and likewise eliminating any material in other areas that wasn’t completely necessary to maintain the Campagnolo® quality and ride standard.
  • UNIQUE FINISH: robust, reliable and reactive the Bora™ wheels are also lightweight. No paint or clear coat needed as the rim’s anti UV resin leaves a naturally pristine finish.
  • 19mm internal width rim: has multiple benefits including optimised fit for tyres between 23 and 28c and creates a more aerodynamic shape when the tyre and rim are combined, rendering both single components as a much more efficient unit
  • 2-Way Fit™ rim allows either clincher or tubeless tyres to be fitted
  • AC3™ (All conditions Carbon Control) braking surface technology: improves the braking performances on dry and, above all, on wet conditions.
  • Wind Tunnel Optimised 3D spokes: aerodynamic shape from all angles with a unique diamond shape, created for all wind conditions, 18 front and 21 rear spokes reduces weight
  • Exclusive MEGA G3™ spoke pattern: for the perfect balance of spoke tension on both sides of the wheel. Reduces stress, increases transversal rigidity and the transmission of power to the wheel. G3™ eliminates vibrations even with “heavy” cyclists.
  • Self-locking nipples ensure the correct tension is always maintained without the need for adjustment
  • USB™ Ceramic ball bearings reduce friction, provide greater smoothness and maintain a high level of performance over time
  • Cup and Cone bearings for easy adjustment
  • Extremely rigid and aerodynamic hub design, optimised in the wind tunnel with a slimmer profile towards the centre and growing in width towards the flanges
  • Aluminium axle to reduce weight
  • Oversized Flange for greater torsional stiffness
  • Weight: 1496g 2-Way Fit™, (CA) for Campagnolo®, (SH) for Shimano

Customer Reviews

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Very happy with Bora WTO 45s

I recently purchased these wheels, I have now completed 400Kms on them. I must say I find them excellent. They definitely accelerate quickly particularly from about 20kph. Overall they are fast, light and responsive. I am using tubeless Grand Prix 5000 tyres. They fit very aerodynamically on the rims which are nice and wide measuring 19mm internally. I found the tyres easy to fit on the rims and with the valve removed initially I was able to blow them out onto the rim side walls very easily with a standard track pump. The rims do make a noise when you brake but I don't find it irritating. Braking is excellent. I had the opportunity to ride them in strong wind over the past few days. You can definitely feel crosswinds. While you need to be alert to gusts I didn't find them off putting. I have used Zipp 303s which are rated as excellent aero wheels when it comes to dealing with cross winds, the WTO 45s were every bit as good.
Overall a really excellent product. Glad I purchased!