The single most cost effective upgrade in ride comfort, SockGuy socks keep your feet feeling fresh however vile the weather gets. They’re the perfect way to show your true colours on your ankles too.

Knitted treats for below the knee get a pretty bad rap in terms of being the default dull Christmas present option, but with 365 designs in the SockGuy range from kitten pretty to downright rude, boring they aren’t. Where else in your wardrobe are you going to find a whole garden of foot gracing flower designs? A menagerie of ankle mounted animals? Police cuffs, Anarchist anklets or Rasta bands?


We’re not talking throwaway novelty socks either. Our foot fettling friends in Carlsbad California have 15 years of producing the best performing and most loved socks in the world behind them. All their socks feature Easy-Fit cuffs that stay up without carving a notch in your calves and they don’t end up looking like a trumpet either. Stretch-To-Fit sizing means snug, blister free fit every time rather than wrinkles just where you don’t want them. Double stitched toes and heels build years of hard riding durability into every design too. You can also choose from wonderfully warm wool mixes to sweat shifting, airflow mesh topped summer specials or technical multi density knits that are tough enough to last for an embarrassingly long time.

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