Vittoria Corsa G+ Isotech Folding Road Tyre

10 reviews
The clincher version of the world's best performing tyre pushes the limits of versatility. It's a fast, flexible, reliable and race proven tyre that's been used and abused in just about any condition imaginable.

The Corsa G+ isotech has an incredibly low weight, yet thanks to the new Graphene casing it still comes with exceptional puncture protection. It delivers a deliciously floated and super fast ride on the road. It will hold the line in the straight or flying round a corner in the wet, dry or dirty conditions.

This sheet of rubber and thread is woven at 320 TPI to deliver ultimate fine-tunability and speed to your riding and racing. With a higher thread count (TPI), you get more traction as well as a more supple and forgiving ride, with a modest cost of durability in the way of cut resistance. 

  • The world's best tyre
  • 4 compounds for the best speed, grip, durability and puncture protection
  • Kevlar reinforced Corespun K for increased sidewall protection"
  • Buy the Vittoria Corsa G+ Isotech folding tyre and go faster