Premax Anti-Friction Cream

May 26, 2018

Premax Anti-Friction Cream

As a cyclist and runner I have always been a user of chamois cream, as soon as I don’t use it I suffer horrendous chaffing to my undercarriage. Over the last few years I have tried a variety of different chamois or anti friction creams.


The Premax Anti friction cream is reasonably priced at £17.00 for 200ml of cream and comes in a tube packet rather than a tin or tub. Personally I find this more appealing and it is easier to dispense the correct amount of cream required and also resists the accidental “double dip” into the tub which is a hygienic disaster for hypochondriacs such as me. At a first use the cream has a pleasant smell of tea tree oil and also adds some natural antibacterial properties. The cream has good not greasy feel and less stodgy consistency than some I have used. This makes it easy to apply out of the tube.


I first tried the cream on a hot fast lunchtime run, a few days previously I had done a 10 mile run without any cream and suffered horrendous rubbing. Not wanting to aggravate any sore spots I applied the cream liberally to my thighs. After what was a very fast sweaty run the cream had worked wonders and I had managed not to aggravate the sores any further. GOOD WORK. I also tried applying the cream to the edge of my feet and it seemed to resist the formation of blisters.


The next day I decided to run home from work, a fast 10K run with the thermometer at 22 degrees. Liberal application of the cream again and home without any chaffing. Argh however I didn’t test the cream on my sore feet again…… disaster strikes…terrible blisters from the heat.


With horrendous blisters on my feet it looks like I’ll only be cycling for the rest of the week with some extended commutes and a long ride planned at the weekend. On all the rides the cream performed exceptionally with the anti-friction properties lasting until the end of even a four hour ride and a cheeky Strava KOM on a fast shorter ride.. I should add that a previous issue with extra greasy creams had been that even though they perform well during a ride is that they don’t wash off very well. The Premax cream is water based and there were no issues washing off in the shower.


In summary the Premax Anti Friction Cream is a easy to apply cream which has a pleasant smell and offers anti friction properties even through long rides and runs. I would thoroughly recommend to anyone who suffers chaffing whilst exercising.

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