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Lusso Active Aero Bib Shorts Review

June 01, 2018 2 min read

Lusso Active Aero Bib Shorts Review

A Review: Lusso Active Aero Bib Shorts


Let's begin with a bit of background for those who aren't familiar with the brand Lusso, the brand itself started in 1982 right here in the United Kingdom. Unlike many other British companies over the years Lusso is still designed and manufactured here from their factory based in Manchester.

Now let's look at the Active Aero bib shorts beginning with the visual aspect of the shorts themselves, the main body of the shorts are a mixture of fabrics in black with small logos in silver and the repeating Lusso typeface logo in black at the hem as a grip. Looking at the visual side I feel that the understated look of these shorts gives great versatility whether you are pairing it with Lusso's Active Aero jersey or any other jersey.

The sizing of these bib shorts is in line with the rest of the Lusso brands offerings, which is to say they do come up on the larger side. This was the case for me, I'm used to sizing offered by other brands such as Castelli. To give you an idea I'm 5'8" (173cm) and 68kg and in all my Castelli and Sportful bib shorts I wear a size medium, however in the Lusso bib shorts I found that the size small was a perfect fit for me. This said, the size guide given by the company would have me order a medium but I'm glad I didn't.

Previous to these Bib shorts I'd seen some older model Lusso shorts and had been a little underwhelmed by the chamois pad offered, however this is not the case anymore. With an Endurance Elastic Interface pad that is often seen in shorts with a much higher price tag Lusso have really stepped it up. I know that the Cycling Weekly review gave these 10/10 and placed them above offering from Castelli, Fizik, Rapha and Assos to name just a few.

The name of these shorts is Active Aero and the company makes some big claims about the advantage given when paired with the jersey and socks of the same name. This said I don't race or do time trials so scientifically testing these claims would have been quite difficult, however I would like to add that it really did feel quicker on the bike and a few PB's on Strava were achieved.

Let’s recap then,

The Lusso Active Aero bib shorts, would I recommend them? In short (no pun intended) YES... they are a good fit with a great all day chamois pad, they are slightly longer in the leg which I do prefer, the bib section isn't so tight that it's restricting and the fact that they will go with any of my existing jerseys only makes me like them more.

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