Jimmy's Iced Coffee

June 15, 2016 2 min read

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee

Jimmy's Iced Coffee

Having had a chat with Tracy, she mentioned she was sending through some coffee for me to taste. Hinting I would need it now more than ever seeing as I had just become a new Dad!

Now I’m a big drinker of coffee, I consume a lot of it. Pre-baby though I would never drink any after 3 or 4 in the afternoon, but that’s all changed now … and the more coffee I have in the house the better. So a box of Iced Coffees to try was spot on. What’s more is that Jimmy’s Iced Coffees are a particular favourite of my partners. She was excited to try the other flavours on offer… if she could prise them out of my hands that is.

For someone who drinks a lot of coffee, I hadn’t really tasted any iced coffees. The odd sip here and there but not enough to enjoy one or see if I liked it.

Anyhow, the coffees. They’re delicious. I didn’t expect to enjoy them as much as I did. Cold coffee doesn’t really sound right to me, my usual tipple is an Americano, with a dash of hot milk... But these, these are great. The Mocha one is a firm favourite in the household and those disappeared quickly. I came home from a 2 hour training ride one hot, and humid evening to find my partner had opened up a Mocha one. The perfect chance to get a taste. I really enjoyed drinking it alongside my protein recovery bar, (if I don’t fancy a recovery shake, chocolate protein bars are perfect). They complemented each other perfectly, the bar with a Jimmy’s Iced Coffee. It worked well, and it’s something I’ll be doing more often now.

Of the flavours I tasted, Original, Skinny, and Mocha. Mocha was my favourite. The Skinny for me, was my least favourite, still nice, just a bit too Skinny. But then, that’s what it’s meant to be.

Now I know at the moment Tracy & Kevin are only selling these in-store. Which makes sense as a cold drink isn’t something you would necessarily think to buy online to try. But if you know you like these, which I do, I would be tempted to order in bulk online. I wonder if they do multi-packs?

In summary, I was pretty impressed with these. My Mother was over visiting us and took the opportunity to have a taste and was also impressed.
So there we have it. Jimmy’s Iced Coffees were a resounding success and made two new fans of the drink. We'll be buying more when we see them!