Welcome to the world of wheels

July 10, 2015

Welcome to the first of our blogs

Today's topic is Wheels the most second important upgrade you can make to a bike in our opinion.

The first are tyres but that's a story for another day.

There are alloy wheels, carbon wheels and then variants thereof clincher, tubular and disc.

Today we are going to cover clincher wheels, these require a tyre and an inner tube.  These are the most common sort of wheels for a road bike.

Most bikes bought as complete are built to a certain price point and normally the wheels provided are serviceable but not exactly inspiring.

The whole point of cycling is enjoyment, so you might as well help yourself on the path by riding a nice pair of wheels.  You can't beat the feeling of free wheeling down a hill with your wheels rotating underneath you urging you to go faster and faster.

A pair of wheels of circa 1500 grams in weight will be a massive improvement on a pair of 1900+ grams that come as standard on most roads bikes up to £2,000 in value.

Our favourite alloy clincher is the Campagnolo Zonda for circa £250 the Campagnolo Zonda is available in Shimano and Campagnolo fit. Robust, relatively light 1525gm a great all round wheel, good enough for racing, sportives and training. Even if you are built on the heavier side these wheels are fine for you.


If however you want speed and the latest in wheel technology then the new Campagnolo Bora Carbon Clincher are proving very popular. Available again in Campagnolo or Shimano/SRAM fit using the latest fat rim technology 24mm and available in depth of 35mm or 50mm in a choice of colours.



There's a wheel available for every occasion and a good pair of wheel's will transform the feel of your bike.  It will make the bike more lively, faster accelerating and faster.

 It's important to note some wheels are stiffer than others and this will affect how the wheels perform for you.

Generally the fewer the spokes the more flexible the wheel can be and these tend to be more suitable for lighter riders.

 If you want any advice with regard to wheels and what upgrade or pair of wheels would suit you best feel free to contact us on admin@vanillabikes.com and we will be happy to help you.