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The World of Strava

May 05, 2017 2 min read

The World of Strava

The world of Strava is a very addictive place; you first joined to simply track your rides. Before you know it you’re hurtling down a lane or up a hill trying to get a PR or KOM.

 If we are speaking double Dutch then you have not joined Strava.

If you know what we mean....

Hi and if you want to join our club.  Check us out here Strava/Vanillabikes 

People in our club use it for all different reasons

You can use Strava to simply log your rides like this, riding to and from work, out with the club or a relaxing ride to the cafe.

We will admit our rides are mainly lazy cafe rides taking in the scenery.


Some of our members go quite a long way as this screenshot shows, so Kudos to Andy for such a massive ride


Strava also offer monthly challenges with leaderboards, so you can see how far you’ve climbed that month, how many miles/Km you’ve covered or hours you have spent in the saddle.

You can compete with friends or virtual strangers to get the fastest time on a segment (point a to point b) this could be a hill, a popular section of road; a circuit the list is endless.  You can even create your own segments to allow you and your friends to see who is the King or Queen of the mountain.

We are based in Carnforth, Lancashire and there are quite a few UK domestic pros riding in the area so KOM's & QOM's are very competitive. Some people have loads of KOM or QOM others none.

The main thing is to ride your bike and enjoy it, Strava, racing, touring, sportives, join in or don't, as long as you ride your bike.