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How to Pick the Right Tyre for Your Bike

May 05, 2017

How to Pick the Right Tyre for Your Bike

Tyres - The most important part of your bike.

The most difference you can make to the ride and feel of your bike is a good pair of tyres.

Tyres are your connection to the road and somewhere where you should not skimp on cost.

You can buy tyres for specific purposes, rough or gravel roads, racing, time trials, track and even wet or dry weather the choice is almost endless.

A bad tyre can roll slowly, feel slippy and can even cause you to crash.

A good tyre will roll faster, make the you faster, give you increased confidence cornering and make your bike feel more lively.

For simplicity today we shall just cover clincher tyres for road bikes the most ubiquitous tyres on the markets for bicycles.

You can buy tyres for many specific purposes, racing, training, touring, commuting the list is almost endless.

We’ve highlighted below a few

For racing we recommend Continental GP4000s II tyres basically a good all round race tyre with acceptable wear and durability, good grip and amazing speed due to the “black chili” compound in the tyre.

For training there is the Continental Grand Prix 4 season tyre available in 23, 25 & 28mm versions there is a width for every wheel.  It’s based on the GP4000s tyre but with extra puncture resistance. As per the title though its suitable for all 4 seasons of the year and its a great all round tyre suitable for every ride you do.

If you want to spend less on a training tyre but still ride something reasonable what about the NEW under rated Vittoria Rubino Tyres .  We've spent a full winter on a pair and not been disappointed in the ride or grip offered.



Our most popular tyre which suits many uses is the Vittoria Corsa G+ tyre.  Available in 23mm, 25mm and 28mm width and with a choice of the iconic gum sidewall colour way or the new more subtle all black colour scheme.  It really is a very versatile tyre, great comfort, good wear and durability. Very grippy and it rolls okay.

The choice is basically endless in summary we would say don't sell your bike or yourself short and fit a pair of inferior tyres.

Why would a bad tyre roll slowly?

Riders in search of higher performance are more likely to choose higher-TPI tires. For many sporting riders, folding tires of around 150 TPI are a good all-round combination of weight, rolling resistance, durability, and comfort. A higher TPI brings the benefit of lower weight and rolling resistance, at the expense of durability.

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