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June 01, 2016

STEALTH – Secret Training Energy Products 

Latest Guest Blog by Joe Henstridge

I was pretty chuffed to open up a box from Kevin & Tracy and find this little lot looking up at me. I’d seen the STEALTH range from Secret Training advertised, but had first noticed them, as they’re a nutrition supplier to JLT Condor Cycling Team. 

I’ll break the review down into sections, so Gels, Energy Drinks, and Recovery Drinks. First up are the Gels. 


As with anything we put in our mouths, it comes down to tastes, everyone is different. I have tried to be subjective and not taken the individual tastes of the gels into the overall review of the products. I’ll talk a little about taste at the end, and with that being said, the Real Fruit Banana Gel is probably one of the best tasting gels I’ve ever eaten, left me just wanting more and more! As an overall I much preferred the Real Fruit gels to the isotonic ones when it came to taste, but when talking performance, it was hard to dismiss the Isotonic Gels.

I tested the gels – both types, on two separate 3-hour rides. I would ride out with only 2 gels and see how they performed; normally for these types of training rides I would take 3 gels, or 3 bars, (one per planned hour) and depending on the weather and conditions, maybe another just incase. But I wanted to push myself and see if the gels had an effect on the way I felt and performed. I have to say both types of gels were impressive, both giving a noticeable different to the way I felt, and I would say the isotonic gels gave more of a boost – obviously none of that is scientific, it’s just how I thought would be a good way to test the gels. They both performed well and left me feeling satisfied and content, and with a few minutes I felt fresher. I would have to say they’re a good training gel, excellent for medium to long rides when you don’t want to be chewing through bars all the time. The texture of them is a touch thick and as such I personally would not recommend them for use during a race, I prefer a more liquid type gel, as it’s easier to squeeze out and eat. As I say, excellent training gels.

I will say a little about the taste, as it’s important – the Real Fruit Gels really were great tasting, the banana was a real treat, and the tropical gel left me thinking I was chomping on a Solero ice cream, it was that nice! The Isotonic gels had a distinct taste to them, definitely not as flavoursome as the fruit ones, but certainly not bad.

Energy Drinks:

I tried all these drinks on short rides, after all, you never want to go out riding with a new drink and find you don’t like it and end up getting dehydrated. So after a few rides and testing a couple of the flavours, Lemon Tea, and Blackcurrent, I have to say, I wasn’t overly impressed with the energy drinks. Nothing really wrong with any of the tastes, I just felt they all left an after taste that I can only describe as “chalky” … people from hard water areas will know what I mean. To make sure it wasn’t just the water in my area, I tried with mineral water in one bidon and it was the same, just a thick chalky type after taste.

I was however impressed at the range of flavours, and that they really did taste like their names; I just couldn’t get past the after taste.

So overall, I wouldn’t personally recommend these drinks as a “go to energy drink” choice, I feel they’re a more marmite choice, you’ll either like these energy drinks, or like me, you won’t.

Whey Protein Recovery Drink:

I tested these post-ride for a out a week, it’s hard for me to test the benefits of a recovery drink when I can’t really do any tests, not ones that would give genuine results anyway.

All I can say is that these were seriously good drinks.  Each one had a really enjoyable taste and left me feeling full and wanting more. From such a small sachet compared to the three big scoops you need from rival powders. I was curious if it would be enough, or if the sachets would have enough taste but I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Simply add the sachet to water in a mixer and shake it up, and slurp it down. Absolutely full of taste, I loved them.

I shall definitely be purchasing a few of the Banana recovery drinks, that’s for sure, a box of Banana and Tropical gels too for that matter!

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