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Exposure Six Pack Mk4 Front Light 2014
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Exposure Six Pack Mk4 Front Light 2014

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The Six Pack's overall package weight cannot be beaten for the output and burntime. It has exceptional battery capacity while maintaining Exposure Lights ideal of Cable Free Design. Pumping out 2000 lumens the Six Packs wide beam will keep you riding in the most extreme situations for the duration of the most epic of adventures. 
Exposure Lights have always been designed to get the maximum light from minimum sized unit and Cable Free Design ensures this is maintained. Utilising superb forged aluminium brackets Exposure Lights attach quickly, safely and securely for hassle free riding.
Optimised Mode Selector easily allows you to choose from a concise number of programs to maximise the potential of your light. Whether you're planning a quick trail burn or a commute, OMS will keep your light optimised.
SPT+ enabled lights automatically recognise accessories allowing you to power additional front and rear lights, use the remote Switch, charge USB devices on the move or plug in a support battery for extended light. This makes Exposure lights the most versatile range available.
Intelligent Thermal Management is patented technology which constantly monitors the LED's temperature to ensure that they do not overheat and become inefficient. ITM keeps the LEDs operating at the optimum output, saving battery power and maximising burntime.
With a 5 step fuel gauge you are always up to date with battery life. 20% increments let you know how to judge the remaining power in the light. The gauge also indicates the progress of charging so you can count down till the next ride.

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