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Reviews for Torq Gels Non Caffenated (Box 20)
4.5 out of 5, based on 4 reviews
Phill from Morecambe on Jul 20, 2014
Excellent variety of flavors, you are not going to get bored of the same tastes, but still they are all nice. The caffeine versions save for the end of a race or a long ride when the legs are starting to go, they give you just that little bit extra.
Roy from S. Yorks on Sep 12, 2013
Great flavour - go down nicely, no aftertaste. I keep getting up the hills round here so they must be doing something.
Dave Lawson from Biggleswade on Aug 12, 2013
I can't recommend these enough. They strike a nice balance between some gels which are watery and others that are like trying to eat a block of raw jelly. They slip down easily and taste great, I go for the strawberry yoghurt myself. They provide an instant boost and supply more carbs than most other gels out there for the 45g satchet.
Duncan H from Cornwall on Dec 19, 2012
Really good gels, taste good easy to digest in the last hour doesn't mess up your stomach and gives a good kick to get your legs working.

Torq Gels Non Caffenated (Box 20)

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  • Including the new for 2014 Apple Crumble Torq gel
  • Research-proven 2:1 Maltodextrin:Fructose formulation for 40% greater carbohydrate delivery*.
  • TORQ gel is no exception. In line with the formulation used in our energy drinks, we have blended Maltodextrin, a long chain complex carbohydrate with Fructose (fruit sugar) in a 2:1 ratio. The peer-reviewed published research, one study of which we actually reference clearly on the front of the pack, have found that this blend of carbohydrates actually delivers 40% more carbohydrate than traditional formulations. 
  • Traditional formulations tend to be Maltodextrin only, or Maltodextrin/Glucose blends.The flavours Weve worked very hard on these too and we have actually devised the FIRST EVER yoghurt flavour gels. And they're actually dairy-free These are: Strawberry Yoghurt and Black Cherry Yoghurt.So that's two of our gel flavours. The second two don't have a yoghurt flavour, because although we think its a fantastic idea, we realise that some people dont like yoghurt. So were also offering: Orange and Banana (yes, orange and banana mixed together) & Rasberry Ripple
  • Dairy & Wheat-Free, Suitable for Vegans

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